Wheelchair tickets are available for purchase online from Fri, Jan 3rd, 2020 onwards or from the festival box offices Thu, Jan 23rd, 2020 onwards. Please note that if you have a wheelchair but wish to sit on a cinema seat, please choose a regular ticket.

Free tickets for personal assistants can be requested by emailing tickets@docpoint.info. Please note that if a screening is sold out, accommodation for personal assistants is not guaranteed. Please make your reservation in advance as to ensure a ticket for your personal assistant.

Further information on wheelchair accessibility can be found from each venue’s website.

Bio Rex

4 wheelchair seats. You will find the elevator at the Amos Rex museum shop (ground floor), which shares the entrance to Bio Rex. At the 2nd floor, before the theatre, there is a small doorstep.


Kinopalatsi 1: 2 wheelchair seats, Kinopalatsi 2: no wheelchair seats on sale due to renovation, Kinopalatsi 5-8: 1 wheelchair seat. Kinopalatsi has elevators, which you may access through the entrance at Mikonkatu. Please ask the Kinopalatsi staff for assistance if needed.


Maxim 1: no wheelchair seats available, Maxim 2: 2 wheelchair seats. A stairlift is available, however it is only usable with a non motorised wheelchair. Please ask the Maxim staff for further assistance.


2 wheelchair seats. Please contact Orion (info@cinemaorion.fi) before arriving with a wheelchair to guarantee a smooth service. A personal assistant is recommended. Unfortunately the restrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Kino Regina

2 wheelchair seats. Kino Regina is accessible from Oodi Helsinki Central library’s ground floor, north entrance.


3 wheelchair seats. Kiasma is fully accessible. We advise contacting Kiasma (info@kiasma.fi or tel. 0294 500 501) when arriving with a wheelchair. Click here for more information.