DocPicks: Tips for Sunday (2020)

DocPicks V

Gems from all around the world for the last day of the festival

The meditative film AETHER is a beautiful homage to the disappearing Kurdish region of South-East Turkey and its unique nature. The documentary is a collection of moments and images recorded by four cinematographers, that capture the cycle of life and the permanence of elements confronted to changes. The relationship between Edvin and Naomi, a young couple in their twenties documenting their own life, reminds of the last scene of a love drama. The first one to reveal their deepest thoughts and desires will abandon the reins of the relationship to the other. MATING examines the life of the Z-generation.


CACHADA – THE OPPORTUNITY is a film full of hope about five Salvadoran women who deal with their life experiences. In El Salvador the word ”cachada” means a surprising opportunity that one can’t let go, and those women take back control of their lives through the play they create on their own.

There’s still a chance to meet some filmmakers. SHADOW FLOWERS follows the attempts of the North-Korean Kim Ryun-hee to go back to her homeland year after year. Ryun-hee meets companions in misfortune in South Korea, one of them having even lived there for almost 60 years. The cinematographer of the movie Mika Mattila will be present at the Q&A session! Also director Nuno Escudeiro will be at the screening of his film THE VALLEY. The film follows the actions of European citizens helping refugees across the border.


The Romanian documentary COLLECTIVE became a little phenomenon at the IDFA festival in November. Colectiv was a club in Bucharest where a fire took place in 2015. After this tragic event, many people died of their burns but also because of the mistakes of the health care system. COLLECTIVE looks, in the manner of a thriller, at the corruption laying behind the events.

And don’t forget the reruns of THE CAVE, SILICON VALLEY, BABY.  and BEYOND THE VISIBLE – HILMA AF KLINT! The audience award winner KELET will get an additional screening at Maxim 1 at 15.30!