Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

Programme (2020)

Antti Peippo – Master of Essay Film (2020)

Artist, cinematographer and director, Antti Peippo (1934–89) was the master of Finnish essay documentary film. The themes of his multilayered films range from memories and the unconscious to historical topics.

A selection of Antti Peippo’s short films are screened at DocPoint in collaboration with the Risto Jarva Association. The book ‘Dokumenttielokuvan suuri tuntematon – katseita Antti Peippoon’ will also be launched at the screening.

The screening consists of five short films. Total screening time is approx. 100min.

Boy of Granite
Antti Peippo (Finland 1979, 10min)
Wäinö Aaltonen began this sculpture in 1917, the year of Finnish independence. For Peippo it represents the generation growing up in the young nation.

The Walls Have Eyes
Antti Peippo (Finland 1981, 9min)
Sculptures are the eyes of the walls and have wartime battle scars. A reflection on changing times with a collage of archival street scenes.

An Observer in Finland
Antti Peippo (Finland 1983, 24min)
Colonel Timiryazev served in Finland before the independence. His photographs offer a glimpse on his time in the midst of history in the making.

Antti Peippo (Finland 1989, 23min)
Traumatic historical events shape the way whole families interact. A very personal film about the long shadows of childhood.

Antti Peippo – The Tourist
Eero Tammi, Juha-Veli Äkräs (Finland 2020, 8min)
Peippo’s film rolls from 1974 with “tourist” written on the package lead to a mysterious journey through time and to an homage to his entire career.

Ville Suhonen
Translation: Mikko Kuusimäki, Maiju Jouppi

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Language : suomi
Length : 100
Age limit : S
Format : 35mm (Graniittipoika, Sivullisena Suomessa, Sijainen), DCP (Seinien silmät, Antti Peippo – Turisti)

Screenings :
Tue 28.1. at 14.00, Orion