Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

Programme (2020)

Eva Mulvad (2020)

Eva Mulvad (b. 1972) is an acclaimed Danish filmmaker, who gained worldwide recognition with her 2006 film Enemies of Happiness, documenting the life of a female politician in Afghanistan. Mulvad received the Danish Roos Award for her entire body of work in 2011, and now she brings her documentary LOVE CHILD to DocPoint. It is a harrowing portrait of a couple and their small child fleeing from Iran. Mulvad says: “It is a chance for the audience to get a human perspective on one of the major political issues of today.”

Eva Mulvad is in Helsinki from January 30 to February 1.
Masterclass on Friday January 31 from 1pm to 3pm in Kino Regina. Free admittance.