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Programme (2020)

Nose, Iranian Style (2020)

A surprising, compulsively watchable documentary that raises unsettling questions about human nature and contemporary Iranian society, Nose Iranian Style is about Iran leading the world in the number of nose jobs per year, currently estimated at 60,000-70,000. Exploring the psychology of young people in particular and their obsession with getting rid of their “big noses,” award-winning documaker Mehrdad Oskouei uses feather-light humor to suggest how far his country has back-tracked since the 1979 revolution and war with Iraq.

School girls, but also boys, look forward to their nose operations, which they hope will make them attractive to the opposite sex. Model noses are found in Western fashion mags, but Michael Jackson is also cited. Entire families follow the cookie-cutter fashion, rarely motivated by any real need. Possible reasons behind this rhinoplasty epidemic are the emphasis that scarves and hijabs put on women’s faces, and a general feeling of loss of identity among the younger generation. Oskouei and his editors wisely let the patients and surgeons speak for themselves with minimal comment.

Deborah Young, Variety

The film will be screened together with The Other Side of Burkha.

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Film Title : Nose, Iranian Style
Language : persia
Director : Mehrdad Oskouei
Year : 2005
Length : 52
Age limit : K7
Format : HD file
Cinematographer : Reza Teymouri
Editing : Maziar Miri, Babak Karimi
Music : Morteza Saedi
Producer : Mehrdad Oskouei

Screenings :
Thu 30.1. at 19.00, Kino Regina, followed by a Q&A with director Mehrdad Oskouei