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Programme (2020)

The Pearl Button (2020)

A mix of elevated nature worship and gruesome detail of torture and kidnap. Patricio Guzmán takes a characteristically sweeping view, as he begins by surveying Chile’s south-west island chain: it was here, in this remote region, that indigenous pre-Columbian peoples established a uniquely marine culture, one that was comprehensively destroyed by the arrival of European settlers.

Guzmán also notes the case of Jemmy Button, a Fuegan who was taken to England in 1830, “paid for” with a single button. As suggested by the title, the button is a symbolic object, finding its echo in the traces left of victims of Chile’s military dictatorship, their corpses tied to heavy metal rail-tracks and dropped into the sea. Guzmán’s reputation as one of the great documentarians will only be enhanced by The Pearl Button. It really is intelligent, magnificent film-making.

Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

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Film Title : The Pearl Button
Language : espanja
Director : Patricio Guzmán
Year : 2015
Length : 82
Age limit : K7
Format : DCP
Cinematographer : Katell Djian
Editing : Emmanuelle Joly
Music : Miranda & Tobar, Hughes Maréchal
Producer : Renate Sachse
Production Company : Atacama Production

Screenings :
Wed 29.1. at 21.15, Orion