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Programme (2020)

The Valley (2020)

This compelling film goes to the front lines of the refugee crisis as a handful of citizens in the Roya and Durance Valleys, near the French-Italian border, do their part to help fellow citizens of the world seek asylum. At a time when safe and supposedly democratic countries are trying to keep the needy out, these ordinary people step in to save lives by committing acts of humanitarianism or civil disobedience depending on how one frames the matter.

Featuring some striking shots of the Alpine landscape, director Nuno Escudeiro situates the audience within the perilous journey the migrants face as they traverse the valley, evading roadblocks and checkpoints, to find refuge and aid with members of the network.

The Valley shows the efforts of the network as members teach asylum seekers the proper procedures to establish claims in France. Being so close to the Italian border, many of the migrants who try to enter France through the network are shuttled back to Italy if arrested, given that the Dublin Regulation requires asylum seekers to register in the country through which they enter the EU.

When governments prove ineffective at responding to crisis situations, perhaps the only solution is for individuals to assume responsibility and do the right thing by any means. The Valley is a refreshing call to action that challenges audiences to go rogue if they can no longer stand idle as the situation worsens.

Pat Mullen, Point of View Magazine

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Film Title : The Valley
Language : ranska, italia, englanti
Director : Nuno Escudeiro
Year : 2019
Length : 75
Age limit : S
Format : DCP
Cinematographer : Nikolaus von Schlebrügge
Editing : Beatrice Segolini
Music : David Argi
Producer : Luc Martin-Gousset
Production Company : Point du Jour

Screenings :
Mon 27.1. at 17.15, Maxim 1
Sat 1.2. at 18.45, Orion
Sun 2.2. at 15.30, Kinopalatsi 6, followed by a Q&A with director Nuno Escudeiro